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translated strings for fxa-content-server
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Translation authors:
- muzirian <>


Build Status

This repo (abbreviated as "L10N" in this README) contains all translated/translatable strings for the fxa-content-server repo (abbreviated as "SOURCE"). It contains an exact copy of the locales/ directory from SOURCE, and nothing else (except for this README).

The moz-verbatim translation team works with this L10N repo, pushing changes into it any time they like.

On a regular basis, somebody on the SOURCE committers team copies everything from L10N into SOURCE/locale/, reviews the changes, then commits and pushes SOURCE. This makes the new translated strings available to SOURCE users, provides a clean (single-commit) revision history, and prevents non-locale/ changes from leaking from one repo to the other. The SOURCE repo contains a script (scripts/import_locale) to perform this update.

On a (different) regular basis, a SOURCE committer will update in the other direction. This starts with running the SOURCE repo's grunt "l10n-extract" task, which updates the *.pot files in SOURCE. The committer then copies the *.pot files from SOURCE into a checkout of L10N. Then they run ./scripts/ in L10N, which updates the *.po files in L10N. Then they should commit and push to L10N. That will update the set of translatable strings for the l10n team to work on.


brew install gettext
brew link gettext --force # brew does not link the tools into /usr/local. Force the link.

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install gettext

The process to work with strings:

  • Make sure you installed dependencies and msgfilter (from gettext) command is available in your shell.
  • Have the fxa-auth-mailer and fxa-content-server repos at the same directory level as fxa-content-server-l10n.
  • Have all the dependencies be up to date in the fxa-auth-mailer and fxa-content-server repos using npm install.

Locale Normalization

Before Release Build

Some locales need to be copied over into a different directory. Run this script a few hours before the production deploy:

./fxa-content-server-l10n/scripts/ --l10n-repo .

String extraction

After Production Deploy

Source strings are extracted from the fxa-content-server and fxa-auth-mailer repos.

  • cd into this project directory and run:
./fxa-content-server-l10n/scripts/ --mailer-repo ../fxa-auth-mailer --content-repo ../fxa-content-server --l10n-repo . TRAIN_NUMBER

where TRAIN_NUMBER is the train you are cutting strings for.

Submitting Translations

Please find your locale on Pontoon - Firefox Accounts or Verbatim - Firefox Accounts. Follow the instructions on those sites to submit your translations.

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