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@AutomatedTester AutomatedTester released this 28 Jan 22:50

Built from 917474f3473e.


  • Introduces strictFileInteractability capability

    The new capabilitiy indicates if strict interactability checks
    should be applied to <input type=file> elements. As strict
    interactability checks are off by default, there is a change
    in behaviour when using Element Send Keys
    with hidden file upload controls.

  • Added new endpoint GET /session/{session id}/moz/screenshot/full
    for taking full document screenshots, thanks to Greg Fraley.

  • Added new --marionette-host <HOSTNAME> flag for binding to a
    particular interface/IP layer on the system.

  • Added new endpoint POST /session/{session_id}/window/new
    for the New Window command to create a new top-level browsing context,
    which can be either a window or a tab. This feature requires
    Firefox 66 or later.

  • When using the preference devtools.console.stdout.content set to
    true logging of console API calls like info(), warn(), and
    error() can be routed to stdout.

  • geckodriver now sets the app.update.disabledForTesting preference
    to prevent Firefox >= 65 from automatically updating whilst under


  • Turned off builds for arm7hf, which will no longer be released but
    can still be built from the source.


  • Allow file uploads to hidden <input type=file> elements

    Through a series of changes to the WebDriver specification,
    geckodriver is now aligned with chromedriver’s behaviour that
    allows interaction with hidden <input type=file> elements.

    This allows WebDriver to be used with various popular web
    frameworks that—through indirection—hides the file upload control
    and invokes it through other means.

  • Allow use of an indefinite script timeout for the Set Timeouts
    command, thanks to reimu.


  • Corrected Content-Type of response header to utf-8 to fix
    an HTTP/1.1 compatibility bug.

  • Relaxed the deserialization of timeouts parameters to allow unknown
    fields for the Set Timeouts command.

  • Fixed a regression in the Take Element Screenshot to not screenshot
    the viewport, but the requested element.