git-bz with a few tweaks for, and other fixes not upstreamed.
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A fork of the git-bz tool with a few tweaks specific to, and other fixes not upstreamed.

To authenticate, you need to specify your bugzilla user name and API key.

You can set your bugzilla user name by running: git config --global bz.username

An API key can be obtained here: Once obtained, set the API key by running: git config --global bz.apikey

Some code is imported from the Mozilla version-control-tools repository, revision 35edcee4c73415fa45ff95ed07bb8129d41821f9 The repository is located at

  • is copied from pylib/mozhg/mozhg/
  • and are copied from hgext/bzexport/
  • is a few pieces of code copied from hgext/bzexport/

In addition, a patch to for bug 1336147 was manually applied.

Note: this project requires the Requests library to be installed.