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Minion Skipfish Plugin
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Minion Skipfish Plugin

This is a plugin for Minion that executes the Skipfish tool. It assumes Skipfish is installed on your system and that is is on the system PATH. It also expects Skipfish dictionaries to be installed in /usr/share/skipfish/dictionaries.

Whatever platform you use, you will need the following tools:

  • Python 2.7
  • virtualenv

For skipfish itself:

  • skipfish >= 2.10b

If you work on Ubuntu 13.04 or above:

$ sudo apt-get install skipfish

If you work on Ubuntu older than 13.04:

wget     (for 32-bit)
wget    (for 64-bit)
sudo dpkg -i skipfish_2.10b-1_[i368|am64].deb

You should search skipfish on your operating system's source package manager. For example, Fedora should have the latest skipfish via yum.

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