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Table of Contents (ToC)

About Mozilla Clubs

A Mozilla Club brings people together locally to explore, participate in and create the open web in an engaging and collaborative way. They are groups that meet regularly and host events or meet-ups where creativity, collaboration, teaching, and learning come together with one objective: developing digital skills.

There are currently 400+ registered Clubs that span 50+ countries. Mozilla Clubs Captains have the opportunity to join several digital channels that help them connect to each other and share experiences.

Connect with Mozilla Clubs

Mozilla Clubs also has a Facebook group with 1000+ participants, a learning forum with 80+ topic threads, a monthly Club Leaders Call with featured guests and an event gallery.

Participate in the Repo

In this Repository Clubs leaders can find, share, comment and remix projects around Design resources and Teaching activities for Mozilla Clubs.

These are the themes we're already working on. Feel free to add an issue in case you want to start a new one!

  • Desing resources. Images. Find design resources created by community members which you can use, remix and share.
  • Club Guides. This folder contains Mozilla Clubs guides & resources developed in collaboration with community members.
  • Orientation for Mozilla Clubs. This is the Orientation that Mozilla Club Leaders take at,
  • Teaching activities. This folder is intended to hold curriculum created by communitiy members. You can and and share any activities you have used/developed for your club.

Thank you

Thank you so much for visiting and partcipating in Mozilla Clubs. We hope you find this repository helpful and use it in ways that help move your work forward.


  • README file: a document that introduces an open project to the public and any potential contributors
  • repository or repo: a collection of documents related to your project, in which you create and save new code or content
  • Roadmap: a document outlining the schedule of work to be done on a project
  • Milestone: an event or state marking a specific stage in development on the project
  • Issue: the GitHub term for tasks, enhancements, and bugs for your projects