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bin Add k8s config for dev preview Sep 26, 2018
docker Install `ps` command required by the celery script. Aug 29, 2018
docs Updated building mozillians using docker doc. Fixes bug id 1495699 Oct 5, 2018
fixtures-dev [fix bug 972345] Delete QA fixtures from fixtures-dev. Mar 24, 2014
k8s/chart Update configuration for k8s. Oct 11, 2018
lib Revert "Upgrade product details to version 0.12.1." Mar 22, 2017
media [fix bug 913382] Move static to mozillians module. Oct 23, 2013
mozillians Merge pull request #2778 from akatsoulas/privacy-aware-graphql Oct 16, 2018
requirements Update boto3 from 1.9.24 to 1.9.25 Oct 17, 2018
scripts Remove obsolete files. Aug 1, 2017
wsgi Fix LOGGING definition. Mar 13, 2018
.coveragerc Temporarily disable test coverage for GraphQL. Aug 9, 2018
.editorconfig Add an editorconfig file. Aug 6, 2015
.gitignore Add celerybeat to gitignore. Jul 11, 2017
.gitmodules Remove vendor/vendor-local dependencies. Jan 25, 2016
.travis.yml Use the latest 2.7 python version. Jul 12, 2018 [docs] Update Contributing Section in docs. Jun 2, 2014
Jenkinsfile Make Mozillians CIS test env seperate from prod Feb 14, 2018
LICENSE Update license. Mar 3, 2017 Merge pull request #2028 from daesang1/patch-1 Mar 2, 2018
contribute.json Serve contribute.json from the root of the repo. Mar 19, 2015
docker-compose.yml Allow attaching to the web container for debugging. May 9, 2018 Adapt code after vendor/vendor-local removal. Jan 25, 2016
myke.yml Add myke config Sep 26, 2018
setup.cfg Change line length to 99 chars. Dec 1, 2015

build status

A community directory for Mozillians to connect with each other.

Table of Contents

Install, docs, API and more

For documentation, see or build the docs.


File a Bug

Create a bug on in the Participation Infrastructure > Phonebook component. If you then want to submit a Pull Request, mention the bug number in the pull request to help with tracking. Here's an example commit message for a bug fix:

[fix bug 937104] Update to latest playdoh.

Writing code

Get started with our How to Contribute documentation.

Chat with the team

You can talk with the team in the #participationsystems IRC channel on We're a friendly group!