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Mozilla community directory -- A centralized directory of all Mozilla contributors!
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bin [bug 907933] Update jenkins script and settings for the ElasticSearch.
docs [fix bug 1134866] Update Bugzilla links
fixtures-dev [fix bug 972345] Delete QA fixtures from fixtures-dev.
lib Add initial product_details.
media [fix bug 913382] Move static to mozillians module.
mozillians Merge pull request #1169 from akasantony/fix-search-css
requirements Add django-rest-framework to requirements.
scripts [Fix Bug 1119310] Upgrade playdoh-lib to latest version.
vendor @ 3105e44 [Fix Bug 1119310] Upgrade playdoh-lib to latest version.
vendor-local [Fix Bug 1119310] Upgrade playdoh-lib to latest version.
wsgi [fix bug 857289] Add NewRelic.
.coveragerc [fix bug 1098308] Add test coverage in .
.gitignore [Fix bug 967983] Remove vagrant docs and puppet files
.gitmodules [Fix Bug 1119310] Upgrade playdoh-lib to latest version.
.travis.yml [fix bug 1098308] Add test coverage in . [docs] Update Contributing Section in docs.
Dockerfile Add Docker/Fig support.
LICENSE Update LICENSE date. Update
fig.yml Add Docker/Fig support. copying input style logging New vendor, working.
setup.cfg Update flake8 conf and fix linting errors.

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