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Commit from Mozilla Verbatim by user 2875 …

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Besnik ujdhesa authored verbatim updates user committed
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apps Fix missing / in MDN doc redirects.
configs/init.d remove outdated scripts
dockerfiles/memcached Use docker (bug 1075456)
docs Merge pull request #392 from magopian/django-nose-cleanup
lib Use the addon guid for signing (bug 1130109)
locale Commit from Mozilla Verbatim by user 2875 …
media Revert "Bug 1041873: Add mass deletion tool."
migrations Add the 'Addons:ReviewUnlisted' permission to the 'Senior Add-On Revi…
requirements Bump signing_clients for bug 1130109
scripts update pep8 to 1.6.1
services Bug 1122133 - Serve prelim versions as updates to disabled versions, …
sites Raise log level to INFO for adi.updatecountsfromfile on production
static Merge pull request #435 from kmaglione/devhub-cleanup
templates New URLs for legal & privacy links (bug 1005598)
tmp Adds empty tmp dirs so a fresh clone can run tests, etc, without errors
wsgi Use pytest (bug 1090184)
.git-wtfrc tell git-wtf to ignore gh-pages
.gitignore Use pytest (bug 1090184)
.gitmodules Use django-moz-header as django app (bug 1054306)
.jshintrc Fixing migration from config.json to .jshintrc
.travis.yml disable travis cache (too slow)
CONTRIBUTING.rst Improve contributing instructions (bug 1041234)
Dockerfile Use docker (bug 1075456)
Makefile update pep8 to 1.6.1
README.rst Proper travis badge, with link to builds THIS IS ZAMBONI properly use settings_tests for tests
contribute.json Add contribute.json file. fabfile: add jenkins deploy targets
fig.yml Use docker (bug 1075456) update pep8 to 1.6.1
package.json Bump clean-css, uglify-js versions
pytest.ini Use pytest (bug 1090184) Addon owner notification emails are only text (bug 712682) properly use settings_tests for tests Use pytest (bug 1090184)
tox.ini pin dev requirements


Welcome to Olympia! This is

We have some good install docs if you want to try it out. We'd love your help! You can come talk to us on irc:// if you have questions.

If you like what we've done, you may want to check out Mozilla's Playdoh. We took all the cool stuff we did in AMO, SUMO and our other websites, and created a base template for new websites.

Please report bugs or suggest features here:

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