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Mozilla's Web application base template. Half Django, half awesomeness, half not good at math.
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Latest commit 09fd9f7 @pmclanahan pmclanahan Merge pull request #178 from mozilla/use-sugardough
Point people to sugardough instead
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bin changed all static use to use django-compressor instead, r=kumar
docs Update copyright in docs/
lib/product_details_json Revert "Removed the old hard-coded product details since it's in a su…
migrations Added schematic.
project Update HTML language attribute to lowercase
puppet Add project/ to path for settings files.
requirements Moves all custom playdoh logic to funfactory (part of #29)
vendor @ 62c8b50 upgrade playdoh-lib, r=@pmclanahan
vendor-local Added local vendor library to facilitate upgrades of playdoh-lib. Iss…
wsgi Make env vars less intrusive in WSGI
.gitignore More pythonic Playdoh layout: no top level __init__, no apps
.gitmodules Switch from bam-lib to playdoh-lib
LICENSE Fix license More pythonic Playdoh layout: no top level __init__, no apps Fix a typo
Vagrantfile Changes to make Vagrantfile compatible with vagrant 0.9.x
contribute.json Add contribute.json file. always load funfactory from vendor library forgot comment More pythonic Playdoh layout: no top level __init__, no apps
vagrantconfig.yaml Add puppet to playdoh
vagrantconfig_local.yaml-dist Add puppet to playdoh

Use sugardough instead!

playdoh is Mozilla's old Django app template, but it has been replaced by sugardough, which you should use instead.

The old documentation for playdoh is available if you need it.


This software is licensed under the New BSD License. For more information, read the file LICENSE.

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