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update requests to 1.1.0 #34

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Axel Hecht Peter Bengtsson
Axel Hecht

I did inspect the usage of requests in django_browserid.base, and haven't found any other users in playdoh-lib, so hopefully this should be easy.

I didn't do any real testing, though, as I don't have a site that uses browserid.

Peter Bengtsson

When you did pip install -U did you first delete all the old requests files? Otherwise we might have left overs in there from an older version.

Axel Hecht

I did

cd lib/python
rm -rf requests
pip install -t . requests

and then magic to git rm the removed files, and git add.

Peter Bengtsson peterbe merged commit 578ce1c into from
Axel Hecht Pike deleted the branch
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Commits on Mar 12, 2013
  1. Axel Hecht

    update requests to 1.1.0

    Pike authored
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