@gbrail gbrail released this Feb 1, 2016 · 298 commits to master since this release

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This release fixes a few critical bugs that were affecting code in the field:

  • Improve String.prototype.repeat to work more efficiently and to not overflow
  • Fix CallSite.isNative() and isTopLevel() so that they do not throw fatal errors
  • Replace the implementation of the "YearFromTime" internal method for the Date class to avoid large CPU loops

Specific Changes:

  • Formatting issue with SourceReader.
  • Fix CallSite.isNative() and isTopLevel() to not throw.
  • Make String.prototype.repeat not overflow for large values, and change code style a bit.
  • Add tests from 1.7.7.
  • Add Gradle code from 1.7.7.
  • Replace YearFromTime with code from jsdate.cpp to avoid long CPU loops.