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A server for processing payments for Mozilla’s Marketplace.
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Merge pull request #426 from andymckay/1167331

looks like the externalCPTransID changed
latest commit 21af25b126
@andymckay andymckay authored
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bin remove Boku for #359
docker Preserve docker bash history
docs fix up docs headings
logs run through supervisord (bug 1122190)
migrations add in a subscription method
requirements upgrade django
samples remove Boku for #359
wsgi flake8 > noqa
.baked simple mock client for tests (fixes #350)
.curling upgrade curling and allow curling from the docker container to work
.gitignore Preserve docker bash history
.gitmodules udpate pyjwt (bug 779931)
.travis.yml start of clean up error handling add in
Dockerfile copy the git rev into the container
LICENSE how about some mpl More pythonic Playdoh layout: no top level __init__, no apps add badge
autoclean run autoclean Update fabfile to include rpm cleanup. clean out some more tastypie

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