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Mozilla Webdev tools and pages
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Mozilla Webdev Tools and Pages

This repo serves several purposes:

  1. Contains code for building and deploying the gh-pages branch behind
  2. Contains small tools that are useful for the Mozilla Webdev group.

Developer Setup

These steps assume you have Node.js installed.

  1. Clone this repo:

    $ git clone
  2. Install dependencies:

    $ npm install -g gulp
    $ npm install
  3. (Optional) Add your Github credentials to a .env file in the repo's root. These are used by the build command when downloading metadata from Github. For security, you should probably use a Personal Access Token for the password and limit it to public_repo permissions only. For example:



projects.json contains a categorized list of projects the Webdev group is responsible for. It's intended to be manually kept up-to-date and is useful for running scripts across all Webdev projects.

Available Gulp Commands

gulp serve

Run a development server for the Github pages site on port 8000. Auto-builds the site when anything is changed in the src directory.

gulp build

Builds the site in the build directory. Runs all the HTML files through Nunjucks with the following context:

  • projects: Object containing the parsed contents of build/projects.json.

The metadata added to the projects list is downloaded from the Github API and is cached for 24 hours. The --force flag will force a re-download of this data.

Note that it's very easy to hit API limits if you haven't added your credentials to a .env file.

gulp deploy

Build the site and commit the changes to the gh-pages branch, pushing them to origin.

gulp validate_contribute_json

Fetch contribute.json files for all of the projects in projects.json and validate them. Currently only supports repos hosted on Github.


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For details, see the LICENSE file.

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