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We have a number of servers that you'll regularly encounter as a web dev.

khan is a development server. If you choose not to develop locally, this option is available.

* all our staging servers share this domain.

cm-webdev01-master01 is the webdev mysql server. See :ref:`db-cluster`.

cm-vpn01 is where our server logs are copied. Note that you need to file a bug to get access to this server.

Served Environments

There are two or three main environments for our web sites:

  • dev (currently "stage" or "preview") which serves the latest master.

  • stage * (currently amo-next and crash-stats.stage) are our only

    "stage" environments.

    • This is what will go live to production.
  • production


To get to any Mozilla servers you will need VPN access. There are two VPN networks: Mozilla-MV (Mountain View office VPN) and Mozilla MPT (for access to khan, staging servers, etc.).

If you want to use Mozilla's shared network volumes (like fs2) you can connect to the Mozilla-MV VPN.

If you need to access khan, database servers, or the cm-vpn01 server, connect to Mozilla MPT.

We recommend Viscosity for VPN.

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