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@@ -12,6 +12,10 @@ List of All Accounts (and How to Get Them)
Use the links to each app to get to their signup form.
+* *Email* and other communication accounts
+ See :ref:`communications-chapter` for details.
* `Bugzilla`_ — use your email to get 1337 access, and
put your IRC nick or whatever you go by in your Bugzilla username
for easier searching (example: ``Matthew Riley MacPherson
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
.. index:: communications
+.. _communications-chapter:
@@ -8,6 +10,24 @@ To contact someone, you can use the following methods:
.. index:: communications;irc
+Mailing lists
+Two mailing lists are the most important:
+* `dev-webdev`_ is a public mailing list for all web developers in the Mozilla
+ community. Sign up for it yourself, and use it for all webdev group
+ communication that's not specific to people employed by Mozilla.
+* ``webdev@`` is an internal mailing list specific to webdevs employed by
+ Mozilla. Have your manager add you and use the list for topics that would
+ not be interesting outside the Webdev group at Mozilla.
+Additionally, many teams have their own, team-specific mailing lists. Check
+with your manager and have her or him add you.
+.. _`dev-webdev`:
.. _irc-chapter:

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