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Merge pull request #2958 from diox/no-filtering-in-search-suggest

Add a search view without region filtering for curation tools (bug 1136460)
latest commit bb2fb358b3
Mathieu Pillard diox authored
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bin use utf-8 in docker-created db
configs/init.d remove outdated scripts
data Merge pull request #2829 from washort/fake-users
docs better comm v2 endpoints (bug 1109234)
lib Update some outdated requirements around docs/tests/dev (bug 846349)
locale Commit from Mozilla Verbatim by user 2018 of 20…
logs run through supervisord (bug 1122190)
media Merge pull request #2962 from ngokevin/commspeed
migrations Drop unique constraint and make sure we allow NULLs before doing user…
mkt Merge pull request #2958 from diox/no-filtering-in-search-suggest
requirements Update Pillow (bug 1138404)
scripts Enable python27 in crontab.
services make receiptverify work out of the box where settings_local_mkt doesn…
sites Disable ES_USE_PLUGINS on prod.
templates Remove FxA migration code (bug 1117875)
tmp add in directories required by monitor (bug 1106198)
wsgi some pep8 fixes oh yeah
.baked Move away from django/test-utils.
.git-wtfrc tell git-wtf to ignore gh-pages
.gitignore Fix gitignore for supervisord
.jshintrc moved config.json to .jshint
.travis.yml Try compressing assets before running tests (bug 1136655) feedback from cvan and mstriemer
Dockerfile run through supervisord (bug 1122190)
Makefile Fix Makefile check_deploy_env. make it more obvious the old zamboni docs are not as supported THIS IS ZAMBONI
contribute.json add a contribute.json file (bug 1074452) Revert "Include update_info in fabfile build." some pep8 fixes oh yeah
package.json fix fiddle config, how are others using fiddle when it's broken? Boost on exact matches in all locales (bug 972039)
setup.cfg Override flake8 defaults, which adds E226, E241 and E242

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