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# GNU Makefile to prepare source and binary distributions.
# make -f MakeDistributions [source|binary]
SOURCEFILES=buildlic.txt ChangeLog LICENSE \
Makefile Makefile.deps Makefile.shared Makefile.msvc Makefile.watcom \
MakeDistributions makegnu.bat makemsc.bat makew.bat NAMES.H README
BINARYFILES=build.exe buildlic.txt ChangeLog fmod.dll \
game.exe LICENSE NAMES.H neatsong.ogg README
BINARYCHECKS=checkfmoddll checkneatsongogg
.PHONY: source binary $(BINARYCHECKS)
datenow=$(shell date +%Y%m%d)
all: source binary
rm -rf $(sourcedir) $(sourcedir).zip
mkdir $(sourcedir) $(sourcedir)/obj.gnu $(sourcedir)/obj.watcom $(sourcedir)/obj.msc
touch $(sourcedir)/obj.gnu/ $(sourcedir)/obj.watcom/ $(sourcedir)/obj.msc/
cp $(SOURCEFILES) $(sourcedir)
find . -name "*~" -exec rm -rf '{}' ';';
find . -name "*.orig" -exec rm -rf '{}' ';';
find . -name "*.rej" -exec rm -rf '{}' ';';
find . -name "*.mine" -exec rm -rf '{}' ';';
find . -name "*.c.r*" -exec rm -rf '{}' ';';
find . -name "*.h.r*" -exec rm -rf '{}' ';';
cp -R src rsrc include devcpp testgame $(sourcedir)
find $(sourcedir) | grep -i svn | xargs rm -rf
rm -f $(sourcedir)/src/tmp/*
touch $(sourcedir)/src/tmp/
kzip -r $(sourcedir).zip $(sourcedir)
make RELEASE=1
upx --best build.exe game.exe
mkdir $(binarydir)
cp $(BINARYFILES) $(binarydir)
kzip -r $(binarydir).zip $(binarydir)
# Binary checks
checkfmoddll: fmod.dll
checkneatsongogg: neatsong.ogg
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