Official Cal3D - 3d character animation library
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Cal3D Official Git

Cal3D - 3d character animation library


git clone --single-branch --recursive -b master cal3d


cd cal3d

mkdir built && cd built

cmake ..

For Win32 users there a folder containing a version of glew and glut (cal3d\Win32GlutAndGlew)

Main features

  • skeleton based animation system with animation blending
  • facial animation (throught morph target)
  • examples viewers based on several rendering API
    • viewer_opengl : OpenGL Software skinning
    • viewer_opengl_vp : OpenGL Hardware skinning
    • viewer_directx : DirectX Hardware skinning

Because of API cleaning.. TiXmlBinding not working anymore (inner conventions are broken with return by ref). It can be improve to comply with clean return by refs but it's not the mainly development focus Tell us if you're using these (it's not a great deal to unclean)