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Reactive Spring Workshop

This project is the skeleton (and solution) for the Reactive Spring workshop. The slides are available from

This workshop is designed to help you to learn easily the Reactive API provided by Reactor Core 3.x and to discover Spring's Reactive features through a practical example.

You will mostly need these 3 classes Javadoc:

To do this workshop, you just have to:

  • Have Java 8 and a Java IDE (IntelliJ IDEA for example) installed with Maven support
  • Clone/Download this repository (or your fork)
  • Import the project as a Maven one in your IDE
  • Make sure that the language level is set to Java 8 in your IDE project settings
  • Fix the TODO one by one in StepX test classes to make unit tests green

Once you mastered the basics, you can continue with Spring WebFlux and Spring Data examples that explain reactive programming models with web applications and NoSQL data access.

The solution is available in the master branch (download) to compare, when you have finished, with what you have done.


This code is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.