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CowLog is a software for recording behaviors from digital video initially developed in the Research Center for Animal Welfare and Department of Agricultural Sciences in the University of Helsinki. It is currently maintained and developed in the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and as my personal free time project.

This repository contains the new desktop branch CowLog 3 of the software based on HTML5 and Javascript using Electron.

The use and architecture of the software is described:

Pastell, M., (2016). CowLog – Cross-Platform Application for Coding Behaviours from Video. Journal of Open Research Software. 4(1), p.e15. DOI:

The program uses the following frameworks and libraries:

Get the release

If you want to use CowLog for your research can download most recent release binary for your platform.

Run most recent version from this repository

If you want to use the most recent version from this repository e.g. for contributing code you need to first install Electron. Then you can run the application using:

git clone
cd CowLog
electron CowLog

You will need to add compiled WebChimera.js to node_modules to use VLC support.

If you want to modify the source I suggest you read the Electron documentation first.


The following tools are used to build the release binaries: