Web-based query builder for Django
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Graphical query builder for Django. Uses Foundation 6.

Depends on:

  • Django
  • django-autocomplete-light
  • Foundation 6

Supported configurations:

  • Django 1.11, 2.0
  • Python 3.6

django-multiseek's purpose is to enable end-user of the web page to build a query form and query the database using multiple parameters.

Launch the demo, then look for a book called "A book with a title" written by John Smith.

To run the demo

test_project demo uses yarn to handle javascript dependencies, so:

mkvirtualenv django-multiseek
pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

cd test_project
export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=test_project.settings

python manage.py collectstatic --noinput -v0

python manage.py migrate
python manage.py initial_data
python manage.py runserver