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Load testing tools for Flume

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Load testing and validation tools for Flume.

At the moment, it caters to TCP-based syslog load testing.

bin/ start script for the load generator
bin/ stop script for the load generator
bin/ validates that its input appears as sequential, increasing integers
bin/ runs via pig in streaming mode
bin/ helper to sort the output of several runs concatenated together (only for human readability)
bin/ summarizes the output from concatenated runs
bin/ aggregates and prints snapshot from hammer client logs. Best to run this periodically in a loop.
src/main/pig/validate.pig: pig script to stream
src/main/java/org/apache/flume/tcphammer/ load testing tool

To build the load generator, just run mvn clean package; it will leave an executable jar in target/ will store a bunch of files on HDFS, then you can just do hadoop fs -cat hdfs://output_dir > results.txt
If you want it to be pretty (sorted) so you can make sense of it, run ./bin/ < results.txt > results-sorted.txt
If you want to get a summary of the results, run ./bin/ < results.txt | grep -v DEBUG > summary.txt
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