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Inspeqtor monitors your application infrastructure. It gathers and verifies key metrics from all the moving parts in your application and alerts you when something looks wrong. It understands the application deployment workflow so it won't bother you during a deploy.

What it does:

  • Monitor init.d-, systemd-, upstart-, runit- or launchd-managed services
  • Monitor process memory and CPU usage
  • Monitor daemon-specific metrics (e.g. redis, memcached, mysql, nginx...)
  • Monitor and alert based on host CPU, load, swap and disk usage
  • Alert or restart a process if a rule threshold is breached
  • Alert if a process disappears or changes PID
  • Signal deploy start/stop to silence alerts during deploy

What it doesn't:

  • monitor or control arbitrary processes, services must be init-managed
  • have any runtime dependencies at all, not even libc.

If you've used monit before, Inspeqtor will look familiar. Same high-level goals but in a modern package.


Inspeqtor is feature complete, reliable and (mostly?) bug-free. This repo does not see a lot of code changes because of this, not because it is unmaintained.


See the Inspeqtor wiki for complete documentation.


Linux 3.0+. It will run on OS X. FreeBSD is untested. It uses about 5-10MB of RAM at runtime.


Inspeqtor Pro is the commercial upgrade for Inspeqtor and offers more features, dedicated support and a non-GPL license:

  • Monitor cron job execution
  • Export metrics to Statsd
  • Route alerts to different teams or individuals
  • Send alerts to Slack or other team chat rooms
  • More to come...

To buy, go to the homepage and select the right plan for your organization.

See the wiki documentation for in-depth documentation around each Pro feature.


Inspeqtor is licensed under GPLv3. Inspeqtor Pro is licensed under the custom commercial license in COMM-LICENSE.

Want to Help?

See the Development wiki page for details on how to get the source code and build Inspeqtor locally.


Inspeqtor is written by Mike Perham of Contributed Systems. We build awesome open source-based infrastructure to help you build awesome apps.

We also develop Sidekiq and sell Sidekiq Pro, the best Ruby background job processing system.