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Revision history for CGI::Application::Plugin::JSON
1.02 Jul 08, 2010
- Adding a new has_json() method [Jason Purdy]
1.01 Jan 03, 2007
- Functionally the same as 1.00, but made some changes to Build.PL
so that it installs even if there are no JSON modules but JSON::Any
is installed
1.00 Dec 31, 2007
- using JSON::Any instead of just JSON so I don't have to worry about
API changes and you can use faster JSON implementations (JSON::Syck, JSON::XS)
if you have them installed
0.03 Sept 17, 2007
- added json_callback() method
0.02 Sept 23, 2006
- Tidied up docs and released to CPAN
0.01 Sept 14, 2006
- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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