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An Atom package to restore your session.
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Save Session (Atom Package) Build Status

Project Status: Deprecated

All of Save Session's functionality is now included in Atom core.

Check out this pull request for more info.

What is Save Session

Save Session is designed to reopen your last session in Atom. It automatically saves all file's contents in the background so you don't have to worry as much about losing an important file. I liked how Sublime Text does this, so I wanted to recreate it for Atom.



  • Data Save Folder - The root folder to save the session data in.
  • Restore Open File Contents - Whether or not file contents will be automatically restored on load.
  • Skip Save Prompt - This will disable the save on exit prompt.
  • Extra Delay - Adds an extra delay for saving files when typing.

How it works

File info is stored in a folder at <atom package dir>/save-session/<project path>/projects.json by default and gets reloaded at when you reopen the same project again.


Feel free to submit issues if you see anything misbehaving. The more information you can give me about your issue the better. Things like operating system, Atom version, Save Session version, your Save Session config, other installed packages, and any error messages in the console that mention Save Session are helpful.

Pull requests are also welcome if you want to improve or change something.

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