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🍪 Allow to setup cookie token to authenticate user 🍪
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A Discourse plugin to add an additional cookie token at the second-level domain, for site/s wanting to do cross-site credential management.

This essentially allows an install at to create a cookie token valid at *

The cookie contains basic information about a user and a hmac

Cookie content is encode in base64. After decode64 you will have :

    "sha256_d": "lROIoUjQVMv1vMThVCMbhS1YehFE4S3aMVKN9Rg2Z7M=",

The hmac is set with the secret key set in the admin panel

plugin settings

Check if user is logged ?

In your webiste at location or * follow this step :

  • get the cookie logged_in
  • urldecode the cookie
  • decode the cookie in base64 : logged_in
  • urldecode the cookie
  • set a sha256 of the data
  • compare the sha256 to check if user is connected :
if hmac === hmac(sha256, key, data):
    print 'user if logged'
    print 'user not logged'

Example in PHP

$cookie = urldecode($_COOKIE["logged_in"]);
$cookie = base64_decode($cookie);
$cookie = urldecode($cookie);

$user_infos = json_decode($cookie);

$array_hash = array(
    'username' => $user_infos->username,
    'user_id' => $user_infos->user_id,
    'avatar' => $user_infos->avatar,
    'group' => $user_infos->group

$hash_test = hash('sha256', json_encode($array_hash, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES));

$test = hash_hmac('sha256',$hash_test,'QALS3FtxwKNj39tb');

if ($test !== $user_infos->hmac) {
    return 'user not logged';
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