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Smoke-signals is a Tent<->RSS bridge designed to pull RSS feeds into the Tent ecosystem and publish Tent content in the RSS format.

There is a hosted instance here

Find out more about Tent


Setup a virtualenv:

mkvirtualenv ssenv
pip install -r requirements.txt

Make your database:

sqlite3 db/smokesignals.db < db/schema.sqlite3

And get 'er started:

python & python


If you want to deploy Smoke Signals yourself you may want to check out the Heroku branch. You can find detailed instructions on the wiki.

Post Types

It's super easy to add support for your favorite post type in Smoke Signals. Just:

  1. Add a module to the plugins folder that can post an RSS item to the user's account.
  2. Add an import for your module to plugins/
  3. Add your post type and function to the post_type_to_func array in models/
  4. Add a radio button for the post type to templates/preferences.html