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Public Review of JSON-P Specification 1.1 is Now Open

InfoQ Java Queue

published March 8, 2017

This example application demonstrates how to implement a JSON parser for JSON-P, Gson, and Jackson.

The application can be built with Gradle 3.0 by executing the following command:

gradle clean build

In the build.gradle file, there are references to the three main methods to run the JSON-P, Gson, and Jackson applications:

mainClassName = 'org.redlich.json.jsonp.Application' mainClassName = 'org.redlich.json.gson.Application' mainClassName = 'org.redlich.json.jackson.Application'

To run a specific JSON parser, comment the other two mainClassName references and execute the command:

gradle run

The Publication POJO is there for future implementation of binding the JSON file, publications.json to the POJO.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at mike@redlich.net for any questions.