A (early) concept of a bitcoin bot written in PHP. Can set high/low triggers for monitoring prices, along with retrieving current BTC ticker & currency data.
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Botcoin README

This is an IRC bot in PHP that pulls down and organizes various Bitcoin related
market data. It also allows setting of triggers / alerts for price points. I plan
on adding a bunch of functionality in the comming weeks, so stay tuned.

1) Rename config-fillmein.ini to config.ini
2) Edit config.ini and set your options.

port    = 6667                   # an interger port
host    = irc.whatever.net       # a qualified hostname
channel = somechannel            # channel, no # prefix required
key     = OPTIONAL               # channel (+k) optional
name    = myName                 # the name of the bot (whois)
nick    = My-NickyNick           # the nick (shown in channel, /msg, etc)
owner   = "owner!shell@host.com" # the owner. Make sure you get this correct.
                                 # should be in the format "nick!user@sub.tld.com"
triggerUpdateFreq = 30           # How often to check the triggers programmatically.
tickerUpdateFreq  = 30           # How often to update ticker data (Can't be > MtGox limit).

3) Make bootstrap file executable:
    	shell> chmod +x run.php
4) Run the bot
	shell> ./run.php >> /dev/null
5) Enjoy!

Supported public commands:

     * Supported public commands:
     * !help      Display the help menu.
     * !currency  Display weighted currency values.
     * !ticker    Display ticker values (high, low, bid, ask, etc).
     * !trading   Displays detailed trading data for today. (MtGox & TradeHill)
     * !set       Set a watch for a high or low price.
     * !check     Inspect each 'set' price and see if it should be triggered.
     * !clear     Removes all 'set's.
     * !show      Display (to nick) the value of the high/low lists.

Supported private commands:

     * Supported private commands:
     * !join     Join the pre-set channel.
     * !shutdown Quit IRC / leave the server.
     * !part     Leave the channel, stay connected to server.

If you enjoy this bot, please donate: 1K2JWmpd75ehXxco1SWtGLaceQsRytpyEv or
donate code/features/bug fixes.


0.1:	Created.
0.2:	Minor fixes / refactoring. Added !check, !clear and !show.
0.3:	Added TradeHill trades data.
0.4:    Improved bitcoin / currency precision. Cleaned up command output.