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Google Docs to Markdown

This is a very minimal webapp for converting a Google Doc to Markdown. It uses Remark and Rehype (both part of Unified) to do the conversion.

Live Demo

(Both are built from ef0a7a2.)

Install & Build

First make sure you have Node.js installed. Then:

  1. In the directory where you have cloned this repository, run npm install:

    > cd /path/to/cloned/repo
    > npm install
  2. For a one-time build, run:

    > npm run build

    …and the built output will be in the dist folder.

    To start a server with live rebuilding, run:

    > npm start

    Then point your browser to http://localhost:9000 to see the site. It will automatically rebuild whenever you change any files.


This project is open source, and gets better with the hard work and collaboration of multiple people. Thanks to the following for their contributions:

Contributions Name
💻 Michael Bianco
🚧 💻 🚇 ⚠️ 📖 👀 Rob Brackett
💻 Tamás Halasi
💻 ⚠️ Jack Kingsman
💻 Peter Law
📖 🚇 Marcin Rataj
💻 Ben Sheldon

(For a key to the contribution emoji or more info on this format, check out “All Contributors.”)


GDoc2MD is open source software. It is (c) 2018-2022 Rob Brackett and licensed under the BSD license. The full license text is in the LICENSE file.


A minimal webapp for converting Google Docs to Markdown







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