Run ArcGIS for Server in a Docker container
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ArcGIS For Server On Docker

The following steps will bootstrap a Linux flavored ArcGIS for Server in a docker container.

Start A Machine

The following will start a local docker machine in VirtualBox named arcgis with 8GB of Memory, 4 CPUs and with 32GB of disk space.

docker-machine create\
 --driver virtualbox\
 --virtualbox-memory 8192\
 --virtualbox-cpu-count 4\
 --virtualbox-disk-size 32768\

For convenience, update your /etc/hosts file so you can access the container by its hostname arcgis.

echo "$(docker-machine ip arcgis) arcgis" >> /etc/hosts

Setup the environment in such that the docker cli communicates with the created machine.

eval $(docker-machine env arcgis)

ArcGIS Resources

Download ArcGIS for Server ArcGIS_for_Server_Linux_104_XXXX.tar.gz from and download your license file XXXX.prvc from the provisioning section.

Building The Image

docker build\
 --ulimit nofile=65535:65535\
 --ulimit nproc=25059:25059\
 -t mraad/arcgis .

Clean dangling images using:

docker rmi -f $(docker images -q -f dangling=true)

Running The Image

docker run\
 -it --rm\
 --hostname arcgis\
 -p 6080:6080\
 -p 6443:6443\

Create A New Site

Navigate to http://arcgis:6080/arcgis/manager: