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mrash committed Oct 23, 2013
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@@ -17,6 +17,13 @@ fwknop-2.5.2 (//2013):
- [libfko] (Hank Leininger) Contributed a patch to greatly extend libfko
error code descriptions at various places in order to give much better
information on what certain error conditions mean. Closes #98.
- [test suite] Added the ability to run perl FKO module built-in tests in
the t/ directory underneath the CPAN Test::Valgrind module. This allows
valgrind memory checks to be applied to libfko functions via the perl
FKO module (and hence rapid prototyping can be combined with memory leak
detection). A check is made to see whether the Test::Valgrind module
has been installed, and --enable-valgrind is also required (or
--enable-all) on the command line.
fwknop-2.5.1 (07/25/2013):
- [client] Bug fix to reset terminal setting to orignal values after

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