An irssi script which shows recent articles from tt-rss instance in irssi window
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An irssi script which shows recent articles from tt-rss instance in irssi window


  • Perl modules
    • AnyEvent
    • JSON
    • HTTP::Request
    • HTML::Entities
    • LWP::UserAgent
  • tt-rss
    • Version 1.7.6 or later with enabled API (Preferences -> Enable API access)


  • Create a directory for irssi scripts (if it doesn't already exist): mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts
  • Download script into the scripts directory


  • Load ttirssi: /script load - it creates an initial configuration and informs you about missing values
  • Set required variables:
    • ttirssi_url - URL where your tt-rss instance is located
    • ttirssi_username - username of your tt-rss account
    • ttirssi_password - password of your tt-rss account
  • Optionally you can override default values of following variables:
    • ttirssi_win - name of ttirssi window (default: ttirssi)
    • ttirssi_update_interval - delay between feed updates in seconds (default: 60)
    • ttirssi_article_limit - max amount of articles which will be fetched during each update (default: 25)
    • ttirssi_feeds - space separated list of feed IDs to fetch (default: -3)
    • ttirssi_categories - space separated list of category IDs to fetch (default: empty)
    • ttirssi_hilight_words - space separated list of words which you will be hilighted for
    • ttirssi_hilight_type - look of a hilighted message (default: word)
      • word - hilight only a matched word in a message
      • line - hilight an entire message with a matched word
  • Reload ttirssi: /ttirssi_reload - if everything is set correctly, ttirssi should do an initial feed fetch


  • ttirssi_search - because ttirssi_feeds and ttirssi_categories require IDs as their parameters, this function should make this easier
    • Without any argument it just lists all your feeds and categories with their IDs
    • When the first argument is used, it works as a regular expression which filters feeds/categories from your feed tree
  • ttirssi_check - this functions compares your ttirssi_feeds and ttirssi_categories against your feed tree and prints out all invalid IDs
    • Options:
      • -remove - remove all invalid IDs from their variables after the check is done
      • -listall - list all IDs (valid and invalid) along with their category/feed names and their validity status
  • ttirssi_reload - reloads internal structures and loads new values of ttirssi_* settings


  • Optionally you can enable statusbar item ttirssi_status, which will show you how much time the last update took
    • For instance command /statusbar topic add -after topicbarstart ttirssi_status places status indicator at the beginning of the topic bar
    • More info about statusbar command can be found in the official irssi documentation

ttirssi screenshot