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Multiplatform statistics server for Emby server


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Project is in sleep mode!!!

Because I don't have a lot of time anymore and I keep getting blocked with the Emby media sync I desited to put this message online to let you all know I will put the project in sleep mode for now. There is also a new project on GitHub that might interest you JellyStat. Not sure if it works for Emby but it already looks better and has more features implemented as well it seems. I might pick up this project in the future but I would have to find a better way to get all the data I needed.

Thanks everyone for the support in the past couple of years! It was very nice to work on the project and see how many people wanted to test this.

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EmbyStat is a personal web server that can calculate all kinds of statistics from your (local) Emby or Jellyfin server. Just install this on your server and let him calculate all kinds of fun stuff.

This project is still in Alpha phase, but feel free to pull in on your computer and test it out yourself. When the time is right I will host a full informational website/release for common platforms and Wiki pages.

Build state

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Supported platforms as the moment are:

  • Windows x64 (IIS and Kestrel)
  • Windows x86 (IIS and Kestrel)
  • Docker Windows beta-win10-x64
  • Docker Linux beta-ubuntu-x64
  • Debian package
  • Ubuntu package
  • Fedora package

I will try to support as many platforms as possible. More and more will come in the future! If you have knowledge about building unix packages please feel free to contact me so I can support as many platforms as possible.

Installation Guides

For full installation guides please see the Wiki page. Work in progress!


Translations are managed with the Crowdin web service. Feel free to help us translate the application in your own language here: If your language is not listed just create a new feature request or ping me.

Feature request

If you have some crazy idea you want to see implemented in EmbyStat you can create a feature request on Or just go and upvote your favorite features so I have a better idea about what I should build next.


This project is build from scratch with the following technologies:

  • .NET CORE 3.1
  • LiteDB 5
  • SignalR
  • NLog
  • React
  • Rollbar


A lot of things need to be done before I can go life with this and publish my first 1.0 release. This will happen when all features from the Emby statistics plugin are implemented in EmbyStat.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Mikhaël Regni

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Jake Tamé



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Gerrit Visser

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!