A bash script to automate backups for SHIFT blockchain
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#shift-snapshot A bash script to automate backups for SHIFT blockchain
v0.2 For more information about SHIFT please visit - http://www.shiftnrg.org/

##Requisites - This script works with postgres and shift_db, configured with shift user - You need to have sudo privileges

##Installation Execute the following commands

cd ~/
git clone https://github.com/mrgrshift/shift-snapshot
cd shift-snapshot/
bash shift-snapshot.sh help

##Available commands

- create
- restore
- log
- schedule
	- hourly
	- daily
	- weekly
	- monthly

###create Command create is for create new snapshot, example of usage:
bash shift-snapshot.sh create
Automaticly will create a snapshot file in new folder called snapshot/.
Don't require to stop you node app.js instance.
Example of output:

   + Creating snapshot                                
  OK snapshot created successfully at block  49037 ( 43 MB).

Also will create a line in the log, there you can see your snapshot at what block height was created.

###restore Command restore is for restore the last snapshot found it in snapshot/ folder.
Example of usage:
bash shift-snapshot.sh restore

Automaticly will pick the last snapshot file in snapshot/ folder to restore the shift_db.
If you want to restore a specific file please (for this version) delete or move the other files in snapshot/ folder.
You can use the log command to better pick up your restore file.

###log Display all the snapshots created.
Example of usage:
bash shift-snapshot.sh log

Example of output:

   + Snapshot Log                                                                  
  20-10-2016 - 20:59:06 -- Snapshot created successfully at block  48967 ( 43 MB)  
  20-10-2016 - 21:36:07 -- Snapshot created successfully at block  49037 ( 43 MB)  

###schedule Schedule snapshot creation periodically, with the available parameters:

- hourly
- daily
- weekly
- monthly

Example: bash shift-snapshot.sh schedule daily

###Notice You will have a folder in ~/shift-snapshot/ called snapshot/ where all your snapshots will be created and stored. If you want to use a snapshot from different place (official snapshot for example or other node) you will need to download the snapshot file (with prefix: shift_db*) and copy it to the ~/shift-snapshot/snapshot/ folder. After you copy the shift_db*.tar file you can restore the blockchain with: bash shift-snapshot.sh restore and will use the last file found in the snapshot/ folder.
If you use the schedule command be aware you will have a log file located in ~/shift-snapshot/cron.log with this you will know what is happened with your schedule.

###Upgrade If you are in a version prior to v0.2 you can upgrade with the following commands:

cd ~/shift-snapshot/ 
git checkout .
git pull