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XSLT Quality

This repo is about testing your XSLT quality. It contains a main schematron to be applied to your XSLT:

  • checkXSLTstyle.sch: it doesn't contain any rules, it's only a wrapper to extend rules of each modules:
    • xsl-quality.sch: an iso-schematron implementation of Mukul Gandhi XSL QUALITY xslt. Special thanks to him for allowing me implementing his rules under Apache License Version 2.0.
    • xsl-common.sch: common schematron rules for good XSLT practice

You may use the main schematron wrapper or only the module you wish.

Using XSLT schematron with Oxygen 19+

From version 19, Oxygen has a default schematron which is automaticaly applied to any edited XSLT, aiming at checking code quality:

[INSTALL.DIR]/Oxygen XML Developer [version]/frameworks/xslt/sch/xsltCustomRules.sch

(or xsltDocCheck.sch for Oxygen 19.1+)

To apply xslt-quality schematron you have to customize Oxygen's schematron like this:

  • Be sure you have the rights privileges to write this file

  • Change the query binding to xslt3 : queryBinding="xslt3"

    Because the xslt-quality schematron is using xslt 3.0 functions, it is necessary to harmonize every schematron.

  • Add this line after the namespaces declarations (sch:ns):

    <sch:extends href="[path.to.local.clone]/xslt-quality/src/main/sch/checkXSLTstyle.sch"/>
  • one cannot use <sch:include> as explained here;
  • You also could load only one (or more) module(s) independently like xsl-quality.sch.
  • Finally make sure "Allow foreign elements (allow-foreign)" is activated here:

    Options > Preferences > XML > XML Parser > Schematron

    Because xslt-quality schematron embeds xslt function to make xpath rules easier to write.

In this way, both Oxygen schematron (xsltCustomRules.sch or xsltDocCheck.sch) and xslt-quality schematron (checkXSLTstyle.sch) will be applied to your XSLT.

Later, I intend to make this repo available on Maven Central, then you should be able to load checkXSLTstyle.sch (or any module) from a jar distribution with a catalog.xml, using "artefactId:/" as protocol and/or using the cp protocol by cmarchand


  1. #4 Move rule "use-resolve-uri-in-loading-function" elsewhere cause it's too specific?

  2. #5 Use quickFix / diagnostic?

  3. #6 Check for conventions:

  4. #7 xsl-qual : have a look at comments on http://markmail.org/message/y5cunpvfpy54wqe6

  5. #8 Named template for generating XML elements VS functions to return atomic values as a good practice?

  6. #9 Should the template ordering be watched by the schematron (copy template at the end, templates with @mode together, etc.)

  7. #10 Unused templates, functions, global variables/parameters might not be an error (when the xsl is a library)

  8. #11 Check that XSLT default templates are not used like:

    <xsl:template match="/">
  9. #12 Using <xsl:value-of> where <xsl:sequence> is enough

  10. #13 Writing:

    That mean parsing the xsl as text here, something like:

    <sch:let name="xslt.txt" select="unparse-text(base-uri(/))"/>
    1. indent with spaces
    2. No break line inside templates
    3. Space around operators ( =, +, > etc)