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Custom element for Open-API to PDF generation


  • Supports Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0
  • Generate PDF using Web-Component
  • Works with any framework or with no framework
  • Plenty of customizing options, including selection of brand colors
  • Supported on Chrome, FireFox and Safari. (Not yet tested on Edge)


Check out the usage and examples

Build Process

We recommend yarn over npm as we use yarn resolutions to keep the bundle size smaller. As of this writing this feature is not supported in npm natively

# Clone / Download the project then
yarn install

# build will generate rapidoc-min.js, this is the only file you will need.
# use it in the script tag of your html <script type="text/javascript" src="rapidoc-min.js"></script></body>
yarn build

# for developement use yarn serve (this will start an webserver at port 8080, then navigate to localhost:8080)
yarn serve

# alternative to yarn serve: (this will start an webserver at port 8080 listening to all adapters)
yarn serve-everyone