OAuth 1.0 implementation in go (golang).
Go Shell


OAuth 1.0 Library for Go



(If you need an OAuth 2.0 library, check out: https://godoc.org/golang.org/x/oauth2)

Developing your own apps, with this library

  • First, install the library

    go get github.com/mrjones/oauth
  • Then, check out the comments in oauth.go

  • Or, have a look at the examples:

    • Netflix

      go run examples/netflix/netflix.go --consumerkey [key] --consumersecret [secret] --appname [appname]
    • Twitter

      Command line:

      go run examples/twitter/twitter.go --consumerkey [key] --consumersecret [secret]

      Or, in the browser (using an HTTP server):

      go run examples/twitterserver/twitterserver.go --consumerkey [key] --consumersecret [secret] --port 8888        
    • The Google Latitude example is broken, now that Google uses OAuth 2.0

Contributing to this library

  • Please install the pre-commit hook, which will run tests, and go-fmt before committing.

    ln -s $PWD/pre-commit.sh .git/hooks/pre-commit
  • Running tests and building is as you'd expect:

    go test *.go
    go build *.go