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So it's like Cornell info on your Terminal.


NOTE: cornell is only compatible with the latest versions of node.js. Make sure you have node 6 installed.

If you have node.js:

npm install -g cornell

If you dont have node.js:

curl | bash

If the you don't have node and the above failed or the idea of piping curl to bash freaks you out:

  1. Install node.js or io.js (I recommend using nvm).
  2. Run npm install -g cornell.

If you're old-school, really bored, or masochist,

git clone
cd cornell
npm link

Getting updates will tend to suck though.

If you think npm is just a fad kids play with these days, and would rather go comando

git clone
cd cornell/bin

... and idk. Add this to your $PATH I guess but tbh I hope you didn't even make it this far plz just use npm ty.


  • cornell --help - Always a good idea
  • cornell eat --menu - Lists open halls. Select one for menus.
  • cornell eat --time okies - Lists a few days of Okenshields open hours.
  • cornell class mexico - Search roster for classes containing "mexico".
  • cornell class -s CS compilers - Search CS classes containing compilers.

A little extra for CS classes

Why bookmark? Don't bookmark. You'll ruin your clean toolbar a e s t h e t i c and using your mouse (!! yike). Those pesky cs websites with syllabi and pset writeups are more easily opened with cslink <query>

  • cslink graphics - Opens the site for Graphics
  • cslink operat - Opens the site for OS. Search is somewhat fuzzy.
  • cslink hi - Opens 1110. Idk why apparently that's what matches ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



  • Adds cslink


  • Switched to cornell's official dinning JSON!
  • Never miss an update. New update notification.