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ICOM MacVenture engine implemented in javascript
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(c) 2010, Sean Kasun

This is my html5 implementation of the MacVenture game engine.  It specifically
targets the mac versions of the games, and supports any version from 1.0
to the 1992 reissues.

All of the javascript files can be compiled into a single minimized js using
the script, this will require you to download the Closure
Compiler from Google.

The games themselves are not included in this repository.  You must
acquire those elsewhere.  The games must be the mac version.  They
must be in an HFS disk image format.  You can create your own by using
a mac emulator like Mini vMac, create a floppy disk and drop all the
game files onto the virtual floppy disk.

games.js contains the filenames for the game disks, along with the title and
path to the savegame icon. The game icons must be placed in
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