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Boost is now Kickoff, see adjacent link

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Boost is no longer being supported, please try out my new framework, Kickoff at

BOOST enhanced boilerplate framework

BOOST is a Boilerplate framework that's kind of a best of everything that I find useful. There's a responsive grid (inspired by the 1kbgrid), form styling and many other useful bits and pieces.


  • 27/02/2012 - Improve typography based on calculations from, add some more mixins
  • 18/01/2012 - Added centred columns to the grid
  • 15/01/2012 - Massive overhaul of the CSS; now LESS is used for everything. I added a new grid system, adapted from the 1kbgrid & Zurb's Foundation grid & LOADS more
  • 26/11/2011 - Fairly major update: Separated boost.css into component parts for better manageability
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