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BlackBerry Pull to Refresh

Okay, so I've seen one example of pull to refresh implemented on the BB10 platform, however it didn't quite work as I wanted. Also, I can't seem to find where it was that I found it.

Anywho! I forked the BlackBerry 10 Cascades Samples. Specifically I'm using the Twitter Timeline example.

Well... it started out as a forked BB10 Cascades Sample, but it's not even close to that anymore... I basically kept the background image (because it's better than anything I could create).

Anyway, this is now a fully functioning example with nearly no comments. I still need to write up some information as to how exactly this works.

Oh! I've also given you a better, easy to follow example on how I think the MVC system should work with BB10... Please fork this and give me feedback if there's anywhere I could improve this design. I tried to keep it pretty easy.

So give this a fork and play around. I'll be adding more code as I find time. I'll also do a quick write-up as to exactly what's happening on my website