An algebra for Matrix Expressions written in Maude
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Matrix Algebra

A small language for Matrix Expressions written in Maude.



defines an algebra for matrix expressions, i.e.

transpose(Y X) Y + A B

This language includes multiplies, adds, backsolves, transposes, and inverses


defines rules for predicates like

X is symmetric , Y is orthogonal

We group these predicates into contexts (here called Facts) and declare rules like the following

ceq Facts => X Y is invertible = true if Facts => X is invertible  
                                     and Facts => Y is invertible .

We include predicates like symmetric, orthogonal, invertible, singular, positive-definite, triangular, diagonal, etc.... If you are interested it is very easy to add more. The existing code should provide enough examples.


combines these two and includes simplification rules like

ceq simplify(X transpose(X) with Facts) = I with Facts 
                              if Facts => X is orthogonal .

Other than a few Maude keywords (like ceq) this code is intended to look like mathematical statements. This allows for easy extensibility (you can contribute to this project without knowing Maude) and for easy verifiability (the code is clear.)

simplify-sys.maude contains simplification rules that include branching paths. I.e. for X Y Z there are two ways in which we could group terms (X Y) Z or X (Y Z). This requires a search mechanism rather than straightforward equational rewriting.

rl [right] : simplify(X (Y Z) with C) 
          => simplify(X with C) simplify(Y Z with C) .`

rl [left]  : simplify(X (Y Z) with C) 
          => simplify(X Y with C) simplify(Z with C) .

As a result of all of this we can perform simplifications like the following


simplify(transpose(Y X) Y + A B with X is symmetric , Y is orthogonal)

reduces to

X + A B with X is symmetric


The src/tests directory contains a number of examples that are used to verify the correctness of this code. It is a good place to start.

After you have Maude installed you may run the tests as follows

maude src/tests/*.maude


You can clone this repository with

$ git clone git://

You will need the Maude system which is available by apt using

$ sudo apt-get install maude


Matthew Rocklin

This code is under a BSD style license (see LICENSE in this directory.)


There is a file, compute.maude, which is the starting point to translate matrix expressions into BLAS calls. The goal of this project is to wrap and isolate the complexity of the BLAS and LAPACK libraries so that users can write A x with A is symmetric , x is vector and have the correct SYMV call written for them. Additionally, using the search mechanism in Maude it should be possible to consider more complex expressions / contexts and select optimal computation strategies. This is a work in progress.