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Configure Commit Capturing

Matthew Hutchinson edited this page Mar 13, 2016 · 6 revisions

Environment Variables

lolcommits has some capture options for additional lulz. You can enable these via environment variables like so;

  • LOLCOMMITS_DEVICE set a webcam device - mac and linux only
  • LOLCOMMITS_ANIMATE (in seconds) set time for capturing an animated gif - mac only & requires ffmpeg
  • LOLCOMMITS_DELAY (in seconds) set delay persistently (for slow webcams to warmup)
  • LOLCOMMITS_FORK fork lolcommit runner (capture command forks to a new process, speedily returning you to your terminal)
  • LOLCOMMITS_STEALTH disable notification messages at commit time
  • LOLCOMMITS_DIR set the output directory used for all repositories (defaults to ~/.lolcommits)

Or they can be set via the following arguments in the capture command (located in your repository's .git/hooks/post-commit file).

  • --device=DEVICE or -d DEVICE (mac/linux only)
  • --animate=SECONDS or -a SECONDS
  • --delay=SECONDS or -w SECONDS
  • --fork
  • --stealth

NOTE: Use the --devices argument to see a list of available attached camera devices (mac only)

Pass capture options with --enable

Any extra arguments you pass with the --enable command are auto-appended to the git-commit capture command. For example;

lolcommits --enable --delay=5 --animate=4 --fork                                                                                                   

This will configure capturing of an animated gif (4 secs) after a 5 sec delay in a forked process. See the section below for more capture configuration variables.

Loltext font options

You can configure the default loltext plugin to adjust the font, color, size and position of text on your lolcommit. Both sha and commit message options can be set with:

lolcommits --config -p loltext
  • text color (hex or text)
  • text font (full path to a font file)
  • text position (NE,SW, SE, NW, C)
  • size (point size for the font)
  • stroke color (font outline color)
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