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lunit - Unit Testing Framework for Lua.

  • Provides 27 assert functions, and a few misc functions for usage in an easy unit testing framework.
  • Comes with a test suite to test itself. The testsuite consists of approximately 710 assertions.
  • Licensed under the MIT license.

Actual state

This package is not maintained anymore. It is here for pure historically reasons for your interest.


Source: example.lua:

require "lunit"

module( "my_testcase", lunit.testcase )

function test_success()
  assert_false( false, "This test never fails.")

function test_failure()
  fail( "This test always fails!" )


Run tests:

# lua example.lua 

2 Assertions checked.

  1) Failure (my_testcase.test_failure):
example.lua:10: failure
example.lua:10: This test always fails!

Testsuite finished (1 passed, 1 failed, 0 errors).


Source code

GitHub repository:

git clone


Up to today

  • lunit no longer depends on The script moved to the extra-directory.

2009-11-05 / Release 0.5

  • New test function assert_error_match().
  • lunit shell script returns an error code on failed tests.
  • Be more compatible with Darwin / Mac OS X.
  • Bug fixes.

2008-01-05 / Release 0.4

  • Mostly complete rewrite.
  • Lua-5.1 only.

2004-08-22 / Release 0.3 (alpha)

  • New function lunit.wrap() to wrap a single function in a complete test case.
  • Now a backtrace is printed, if an error or failure occurs in a test case.

2004-08-18 / Release 0.2 (alpha)

  • The test suite consists now of approximately 630 assertions.
  • Fixed an ugly bug in lunit.assert()! Testcases for lunit.assert() added.
  • Now all assert functions return the actual value on success.

2004-08-15 / Release 0.1 (alpha)

  • First public release!


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