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From the original pastebin file:

LoveCodea is an update of LoveCodify.
2012 Stephan Effelsberg

Main topics of the update:
- Make the wrapper running with Love2D 0.8.0.
  Do not use it with versions < 0.8.0, they made incompatible changes.
- Make Asteroyds run. Like the original LoveCodify, work on LoveCodea wasn't
  started to get a full featured wrapper (I'd be glad if we get there, however)
  but with a specific target in mind.

- Love 0.8.0: all times in seconds now
- Improve mirroring (TODO need to test the MIRROR variable at some places)
- Correct touch control (Love 0.8.0 calls events before update)
- Implement tint()
- Get rid of bogus _resetColor()
- Implement sprite scaling
- Implement font size
- Implement different colors used by lines, text, ...
- Implement framed rectangles and circles
- Require vector only if present
- Load sprite packs with or without .spritepack extension

LoveCodify is a Wrapper Class to run Codify/Codea Scripts with Love2D
Copyright (c) 2010 Florian^SiENcE^

Licensed under the MIT license:

You can use the runtime to code Codify Apps on MacOSX/Linux/Windows.
Beware, it's unfinished, but samples are running.

Just include the this in your Codify project:
dofile ("loveCodify.lua")