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Katana Code Climate


Opinionated personal URL shortener which runs on Heroku and uses Redis to go as a backend. Shortening is done through the fabulous Guillotine engine and its Redis adapter.

If you set HTTP_USER and HTTP_PASS all methods except GETs require basic authentication.

If you set ROOT_REDIRECTS_TO_URL traffic that GETs '/' will get redirected there.


You can use it exactly as any other guillotine app:

curl -X POST http://sho.rt --user foo:bar -i -F"url=" -F"code=gh"


  • Authentication
  • Custom Tweetbot compatible endpoint


git clone git://
cd katana
heroku create
heroku addons:add redistogo
# or if you want to use Heroku redis
heroku addons:create heroku-redis:hobby-dev
heroku domains:add sho.rt
git push heroku master
# for authentication
heroku config:add HTTP_USER="theuser"
heroku config:add HTTP_PASS="thepass"
# for redirection
heroku config:add ROOT_REDIRECTS_TO_URL=""


There is a custom endpoint which is compatible with how tweetbot expects custom URL shorteners to behave. Activate it by setting


in your environment variables. After that you can add URLs with a GET to


Keep in mind that this endpoint is not authenticated.


@technoweenie for the awesome guillotine and @roidrage for s3itch which somehow got me started wanting a personal URL shortener.