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Python API wrapper for the Simplenote web service
Latest commit 6d06108 @atomicules atomicules Bump to version 1.0.0
No features changes since 0.4.0, but this is stable and proven enough to
be v1 now. I was waiting until the switch to the Simperium API for
version 1, but they seem to be in no rush to move everyone over to that,
so instead make this version 1 against the old Simplenote API and then
version 2 can be against the Simperium API.

Also, since Simplenote.vim is also close to version 1, it would be nice
to have it use a version 1


Introduction is a python library for the web service.


Install via pip:

pip install simplenote

Or if you must:

easy_install simplenote

Usage can be imported into any python module:

import simplenote
simplenote = simplenote.Simplenote(user, password)

The object then provides the following API methods:

simplenote.get_note_list(since=YYYY-MM-DD, tags=[])     # Supports optional `since` parameter that takes "YYYY-MM-DD"
                                                        # date string to return only notes modified since this date.
                                                        # Supports optional `tags` parameter that takes a list of tags
                                                        # to return only notes that contain at least one of these tags.

simplenote.get_note(note_id)                            # note id is value of key `key` in note dict as returned
                                                        # by get_note_list. Supports optional version integer as
                                                        # argument to return previous versions

simplenote.add_note(note)                               # A ``note`` object is a dictionary with at least a
                                                        # ``content`` property, containing the note text.

simplenote.update_note(note)                            # The ``update_note`` method needs a note object which
                                                        # also has a ``key`` property.



If you want to contribute:

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix based on master.
  • Run the tests (See below).
  • Add tests for your feature if you can and it appropriate. This is important so I don’t break it in a future version unintentionally.
  • Commit, do not mess with version.
  • Send me a pull request, let me know what tests fail as a result of the changes.


Before making a pull request or sending a patch it is recommended you run the tests against the most recent version of Python 2 and Python 3. I.e:

python27 tests/


python34 tests/


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