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Hi, I am Martin

NOTE: this document is still WIP

I am fullstack JavaScript developer at Kiwi.com. I do not have fixed team so I am usually somewhere around GraphQL, React (Native) or any other React project.

My location

I am officially part of Prague or Barcelona office but I prefer to spend time in Barcelona. I am basically never in Brno HQ. I also travel a lot and therefore, I prefer solving every issue remotely if possible.

Meetings, Slack

I genuinely don't like meetings. Luckily, I don't have that many meetings. I am trying to attend only valuable ones. Please always prepare an agenda for the meeting in advance so we can prepare well. I dislike when I am leaving the meeting without clear outcome and I feel like I just wasted my time there. Outcome from every meeteng should be written somewhere. Wanna chat? Let's do it during coffee break instead! :)

Very similar rules applies to how I use Slack. I am following zero inbox philosophy and I read everything. Therefore I don't follow every channel and I am leaving and joining channels frequently (depending on my needs and interests). Don't take it personally when I leave the channel.


I am introvert. That means I loose energy when I am around other people for too long and I recharge my energy by spending time alone. Sounds weird? Check this video to understand my view: https://youtu.be/FgP3eAc9U64

I have my moods. I am fine in one minute and then I am suddenly completely different person. I think it's related to my introversion when things simply went too far too quickly. I am working on that.

I have my focus zone. Usually, when I am working really hard. I can be in this zone for a long time (hours). And I need some time to get back. I am usually not very friendly during this recovery period becuase I am still partially in the zone. I am trying to learn how to switch these mods more quickly. Be patient with me please.

I want to have things under control. This way I do things really well. Also, it gives me possibility to say NO when I think it's not OK. I am very unhappy when someone treats me as yet another programmer-monkey.

My Kiwi.com timeline

I joined this company in April 2017 (my first PR was Apr 7)

  1. I created first GraphQL proxy (still ongoing project)
  2. I created Chatbot for our custommer support (discontinued)
  3. I created first React Native application (still ongoing)
  4. I joined internal Portalo project (current)
  5. Re-joined GraphQL proxy project
  6. ??