At last! The fmCheckmate XSLT library has become open source! Analyse, change and transform your FileMaker work using fmCheckMate, the heart of the fmWorkMate toolbox for FileMaker developers.
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About the fmCheckMate folder


#fmCheckMate-XSLT Library

The fmCheckMate-XSLT library extends the fmCheckMate tool in the fmWorkMate toolbox, and gives FileMaker Database Developers the ability to analyse, change and transform their FileMaker work like never before!

1. Getting started

You are not far away from having the best tools that money can't buy! - It's as easy as ABC:

A: Prerequisites

To use the fmCheckMate XSLT Library, if you don't have it already, you will need to download and install MrWatson's fmWorkMate toolbox:

  1. Download fmWorkMate from the fmWorkMate downloads page fmWM.logo
  2. Copy fmWorkMate to your Applications folder (or the Documents folder, or wherever you want)

B: Installing this fmCheckMate XSLT Library


  1. Get hold of the latest fmCheckMate XSLT library:
  2. Copy the fmCheckMate folder to your Documents folder.

That's it!

C: Doing your first transformation

Once you have copied some FileMaker objects, just:

  1. Start fmWorkMate, open the fmCheckMate tool.
  2. Press the [Convert Clipboard FM <-> XML] button
  3. Press the [T] button in the XML-Editor view.
    • Note: if updating your XSLT libarary, press the [Reimport] button to refresh the XSLT list.
  4. Choose an analyse, change or transformation function
    • Note: You can press the [View] button to switch between list + tree view
  5. Press the [-> FM] Button to convert the XML back to FileMaker objects

Then just paste the changed objects back into FileMaker.

###Tip => Always check for pasting errors!

Use one of the following methods to check for errors when pasting objects back into FileMaker!

  • When pasting Custom Functions --> use an fmCheckMate XSLT function to check if custom functions have been commented out,

  • When pasting Layout Objects --> use an fmCheckMate XSLT function to analyse the layout objects for errors

  • When pasting Tables, Fields, Scripts, Steps, etc. --> use [fmLogAnalyser] to check the Import.log

2. Next Steps

###Try out some of the cool transformations:

  • Copy scripts and analyse their script calls
  • Copy script steps and change old Replace Field Contents steps into a Set Field Loop
  • Copy fields and analyse them, listing their definitions
  • Copy layout objects and analyse them for errors

###Learn more

Google fmCheckMate -> you may find some videos + further help

###What's new in this Version?

See [fmCheckMate](docs/fmCheckMate

3. Blah, blah


See the LICENSE.txt file for details.


  • MrWatson - Initial work

This document: 20180711 MrW Version 2.0.1