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Experimental fork of lp:pyopenssl
C Python Shell
Latest commit 5bc85ff @msabramo Merge pull request #2 from msabramo/testing
Add support for tox and Travis CI
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dapper make some more versions for dapper
doc Add more API documentation for Session objects
etch Add debian directory for etch
examples Add an example demonstrating SNI usage.
gutsy Move "debian" directory to a place that reflects what it really does;…
leakcheck Release the GIL around RSA and DSA key generation.
rpm initial source import
.gitignore Initial commit
ChangeLog Release the GIL around RSA and DSA key generation.
INSTALL A few minor edits to the install text, plus reflowing to make the dif…
LICENSE Get rid of the old copyright file, drop in a new one with the APL2.
README Oh my, change this last hold out of LGPL.
TODO Deprecate tsafe
setup.cfg Twiddle rpm configuration, I don't really know if this will work. Minimal skeleton of a Python Session type
tox.ini Add tox.ini for tox (


pyOpenSSL - A Python wrapper around the OpenSSL library

See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

I appreciate bug reports and patches.  Please visit
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